Shower Trays

Our range of Shower Trays is made entirely by Natural Stones. Thanks to materials such as marble, travertine or slate, we guarantee solid and designer surfaces. Able to adapt and expand the possibilities of space in different types of bathrooms. Achieving from designs of straight and symmetrical shapes, to designs of curved and oval shapes, always maintaining the uniform aesthetic that offers excellent visual continuity. We have a wide variety of colors that achieve natural-style bathrooms with a pleasant texture to the touch, to which are added multiple technical benefits, such as resistance or non-slip properties. Each model is distinguished by its own character, but always keeping design and exclusivity as its essence.

The design of the collection of Shower Trays has been made thinking about the functionality of each of the elements, eliminating purely aesthetic details and improving the efficiency of each element. In addition, technological innovations have been included such as the possibility of incorporating drains in the surface.

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