Marble provides infinities of creations in coatings. Thanks to its different measurements and surface finishes, we can create resistant and aesthetic designs that enrich spaces.


Granite, thanks to its properties, is a natural product considered as a symbol of status, resistance and durability. For this reason, it is commonly used on facades in which there are cold and rainy climates.


Play with the wide variety of travertines in their different finishes to personalize any environment in your home.


The slates with their black and gray tones are coatings that inspire elegance in any wall or facade.


Limestone has traditionally been used for exterior cladding, but trends change, which has led to diversifying its application in interior environments.


Like limestones, sandstones are natural stones that have diversified their applications over time. Discover our collection and inspire your home with golden and brown tones.


Experience nature in your home

At MARMOLES ANDRES MARIN S.L. we are professionals in the manufacture of coatings, both for residential and commercial projects. As a result, we make the best of each material to offer products capable of satisfying the needs of each client. The natural stone walls offer elegance and distinction. Likewise, the choice of the product for the coverings of your home largely defines its decorative style.