Marble is the masterpiece of nature. This material is ideal for indoor floors. Thanks to its wide variety of colors and finishes, such as polishing or honing, we achieve quality environments.


Granite is the summit natural stone. Thanks to the proven durability of its properties, it is the most widely used material in high-traffic places such as airports or shopping centers.


Travertines are natural stones that add elegance and design to any floor. Its different treatments with resin or putty in its porosities make the difference with the rest of materials.


Slate stones are highly sophisticated materials, ideal for indoor floors.


Limestone, together with sandstones, is another ideal outdoor material thanks to its non-slip properties. This natural stone is popularly used for flooring in hot climates.


Sandstones, thanks to their non-slip properties, are ideal for outdoor floors such as swimming pools, gardens or parks.


Natural Stone Floors

At MARMOLES ANDRES MARIN S.L. we are a benchmark in the manufacture of pavements, both for residential and commercial projects. As a result, we get the best out of each material to offer floors capable of supporting the needs of each client. Natural stone floors offer elegance and distinction. The choice of the product for the flooring in your home largely defines your decorative style.