Red Cehegin Marble Baseboards

2,6910,10 /m

Red Cehegin marble is ideal for the installation of indoor and outdoor flooring and cladding. Choose the measurements and the treatment to quote the price of the linear meters you need.

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Red Cehegin marble comes from the Region of Murcia, this marble presents us with a red background with a garnet hue with white veins. This material is manufactured directly by our company Mármoles Andrés Marín, S.L.


Red marbles are specially designed for unique, different, groundbreaking, disturbing environments, capable of leaving no one indifferent. The red color brings warmth and sensuality to our home, as well as luminosity and elegance. This marble is conceived for those who love what is different because they like to be and feel different, for the rebels and for those who are sure that they will be so very soon. When it comes to carrying out combinations, red marble combines perfectly with cream and white marbles. Red marble can be used both in interior floors, where the decorative details enhance its beauty; or on outdoor floors since it is a natural stone highly resistant to weather and solar radiation.


 Polished: it is the finish par excellence, which achieves a completely smooth surface of Natural Stone and an inimitable mirror effect that reflects light, enhancing the beauty of the material.

Honed: thanks to this smooth texture finish, the surface acquires a matte shine that gives Natural Stone greater character and better reflection of light.

Sandblasting: with this finish we get a rough appearance. We can use it in interior and exterior cladding, as well as in exterior flooring as it is non-slip.

Aged: this finish transmits the passage of time, achieving a shiny surface with an irregular texture that enhances the aesthetics of Natural Stone in its tones and veins.

Bush hammered: through this finish we obtain an uniform surface with a rough appearance and a rugged touch. Its use is recommended more outdoors due to its resistance.


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30X7X1, 30X7X2, 40X10X2, 40X15X2, 40X7X2, 60X10X2, 60X15X2, 60X18X2, 60X7X2



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