Olivillo Noce Travertine Baseboards

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Olivillo Noce Travertine is ideal for the installation of interior and exterior flooring, cladding or façades. Travertine is a very porous material that allows the treatment of fillings in its surface openings. For this reason, we offer it in three different finishes, with open pore, putty and with transparent resin. Choose the measurements and the treatment to quote the price of the linear meters you need.

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The Olivillo Noce Travertine comes from the province of Almería. This travertine presents us with a background of various shades, from toasted brown to lighter shades of this color. In addition, it contains small white pigmentations that give this material personality. This material is manufactured directly by our company Mármoles Andrés Marín, S.L.


In rough: It is called in rough, or cut, when no type of treatment performed on the surface of the Natural Stone by which its original appearance or texture changes.

Polished: It is the finish par excellence that achieves a completely smooth surface of Natural Stone and an inimitable mirror effect that reflects the light, enhancing the beauty of the material.

Honed: Thanks to this soft and even texture finish, the surface acquires a matte shine that gives Natural Stone greater character and better reflection of light.

Sandblasting: With this finish we get a rough appearance. We can use it in interior and exterior cladding, as well as in exterior flooring and it is non-slip.

Aged: This finish transmits the passage of time, achieving a shiny surface with an irregular texture that enhances the aesthetics of Natural Stone in its tones and veins.


Open pore: It consists of leaving the porosities of the surface of the travertine natural, without any type of filling.

Putty: This treatment consists of filling the pores of the surface with putty of the same color tone as the material. In this way we achieve greater impermeability against liquid leaks.

Resin: It is a treatment similar to puttying, by means of which we fill the pores of the surface with transparent resin. Thus, we give the material greater impermeability and light transparency in the porosities.

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Open pore, Putty, Resined Finish


30X7X1, 30X7X2, 40X10X2, 40X15X2, 40X7X2, 60X10X2, 60X15X2, 60X18X2, 60X7X2


In rough, Polished