Marble Bathroom Countertop

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Marble countertop customizable in the color, measurements and elaborations you need for your bathroom.

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Marble countertop for bathroom. This product can be customized by choosing the material, measurements and all the elaborations you need. Marble countertops add beauty and exclusivity to your bathroom. Thanks to its wide variety of colors, marble offers us a color palette capable of combining with any type of bathroom. Its veins and cracked surfaces trace fantastic patterns. With the finishes of its surface we can achieve the mirror effect shine of polishing or the matt discretion of honing. Marble offers us a solution for surfaces for daily use, as it is characterized by its resistance and durability. This product is manufactured directly by our company Mármoles Andrés Marín, S.L.


Our countertops are made with materials of 100% natural origin such as granite or marble, without alterations in their physical-mechanical characteristics.

They do not allow the proliferation or growth of fungi, so it is fully compatible with food products.

They are products that respect the environment, since the materials that compose them do not emit volatile compounds into the environment and are recyclable for the manufacture of other natural resources.

The surface of granite or marble countertops are resistant to liquids and humidity thanks to their low level of absorption, making them waterproof products.

Its colors remain as from day one, given their resistance to ultra violet radiation, marble or granite countertops last over time. And not only that, the resistance of these materials is also shown against fire and heat without emitting fumes or toxic substances.

Natural stone countertops have an innate hardness that makes them resistant to scratching and abrasion. In addition, thanks to its resistance to chemicals such as detergents or disinfectants, we can carry out easy maintenance and cleaning without using special products.

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