Washbasin AM145

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Marble washbasin mitred in several pieces in polished or honed finish. Available with one or two holes for the sump. The height of this sink is 20 cm.

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The AM145 washbasin is a mitered model in several pieces, with one or two holes for drainage (depending on the needs of each client). This washbasin is an original product of Mármoles Andrés Marín S.L.


The concept of the washbasin has changed and in Marble Shop we want to be up to date with the latest trends in bathroom. Developing new formats and designs, we offer you our range of sinks, prioritizing elegance for your bathroom. Our collection is characterized by an innovative design and a sober a esthetic that adapts to any type of project. From built-in, suspended or wall sinks you can find models capable of lightening your bathroom without creating contrasts.

Our passion for marble has led us to create new concepts. Providing a careful treatment of the material, our sinks are handcrafted, sculpting every detail to create revolutionary designs. Our commitment to detail and careful selection of raw materials allows full customer satisfaction, guaranteeing our best quality, design and innovation. From straight and symmetrical shape designs, to soft and rounded shapes, always maintaining the uniform a esthetics that offers a sensory experience. Our marble and travertine sinks convey their sculptural essence, almost iconic, to make your bathroom a unique space where formal beauty and ergonomics go hand in hand.

  • Made with 100% natural materials, guaranteeing solid stone structures such as marble or travertine.
  • They keep all their color despite the passage of time, they are resistant to ultraviolet radiation.
  • Easy to clean, without the need to use special products for maintenance.
  • Antibacterial surface.
  • They have high resistance to contact with chemical products.
  • They are recyclable products in case of deterioration or breakage.
  • Resistant to fire, they do not emit fumes or substances harmful to the body when burned.

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Weight 50 kg

Altea Cream, Amber Travertine, Beige Snake, Black Marquina, Black Slate, Cenia Ulldecona, Classic Marfil Cream, Coto Marfil Cream, Daino Reale, Emperador Chirivel, Gray Cehegin, Gray Macael, Imperial Brown, Indian green, Levante Cream, Light Emperador, Loja Cream, Niza Cream, Olivillo Noce Travertine, Pearl Snake Cream, Pink Chirivel, Pink Perlino, Pink Portuguese, Pink Zarci, Red Alicante, Red Cehegin, Red Coralito Quipar, Red Travertine, Roman Travertine, San Vicente, Serpeggiante, Sierra Elvira, Spanish Travertine, White Calacatta Gold, White Calacatta Venato, White Carrara, White Ibiza, White Macael, Yellow Macael, Yellow Triana