Marble is the star material in interior stairs. Its properties and wide variety of colors allow us to carry out any stair project you want.


Granite is an ideal material for high traffic surfaces, both indoors and outdoors, thanks to its properties we obtain products capable of withstanding climatic changes and ensure a very high permeability and easy maintenance.


Decorate the stairs of your home with travertine, a material that inspires elegance and style in any of its varieties of colors.


Slates are materials that we recommend for indoor application, providing versatility in their different formats.


Learn about the purity of limestone in its white tones, a material widely used in exterior staircases thanks to its non-slip properties and high permeability.


Choose quality, Choose nature ...

At MARMOLES ANDRES MARIN S.L. we are professionals in the manufacture of stairs for all types of projects, both residential, commercial or public works. As a result, we make the best of each material to offer products capable of satisfying the needs of each client. Natural stone stairs offer elegance and distinction. That is why, the choice of material for the elaboration of the stairs of your project largely defines its decorative style.