The blue granites represent the serenity and balance of elements of nature such as the ocean, the night or the sky. Its chromatic variety make up an elegant collection with materials in light and dark tones that give any space a hypnotic and relaxing beauty. Blue granites are very suitable in outdoor spaces, where the sun reflected on its surface enliven sits beautiful colors. Therefore, they are used on the facades of all types of buildings, from homes, commercial buildings, hotels or public spaces. In addition, due to their characteristics, they are a good decorative choice in interior design, such as wall coverings or kitchen countertops.


Polished: it is the finish par excellence, which achieves a completely smooth surface of Natural Stone and an inimitable mirror effect that reflects light, enhancing the beauty of the material.

Honed: thanks to this smooth texture finish, the surface acquires a matte shine that gives Natural Stone greater character and better reflection of light.

Sandblasting: with this finish we get a rough appearance. We can use it in interior and exterior cladding, as well as in exterior flooring as it is non-slip.

Flamed: this finish achieves a matte surface with a rough texture that enhances the a esthetics of Natural Stone in its tonality and veins.

Bush hammered: through this finish we obtain an uniform surface with a rough appearance and a rugged touch. Its use is recommended more outdoors due to its resistance.

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